Saturday, January 3, 2015


If all that is left
in the place of the human
is love

Then what creed would you measure that by?

Religion, or any path
are all destined to become the ashes
where the white hot flame of truth
has consumed the seeker


My heart overflows
with gratitude that,
by grace
I was possessed by a desire
for truth

Thursday, October 9, 2014

The ultimate philosophy

In the end,
we are led by reason to
the collapse of the physical
our journey dove-tails with science,
to show
that mater itself is the vibration of energy

And so,
In the beginning
there was Consciousness

and Consciousness made the universe
and everything in it

if we see ourselves as seperate from Consciousness
then it is God
if we see ourselves AS consciousness
then we are

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Friday, July 4, 2014

Lana (passed over to the other side)

Lana passed over to the other side
took you for a bit of a ride
we were worried
would you come back?

Is it her in the box?
is it Schrodingers locks?
are you worried?
do we come back?

Sometimes love buckles you
it has a gravity of it's own
I'm praying you reach escape velocity
my love

In her room it's all to clear
disorder and chaos and
strands of hair

She was rising
well she is risen now
like the sun

Soundless folk music from another planet

I was listening
and I don't think we'd made eye contact
how could anyone touch
eyeball to eyeball
without blinking?

I was thinking
about making mind contact
and I wondered how small I would have to be
to become a black hole?
just not enough mass
not e
nuff mass

Glasses were clinking
and everyone was drawing up a
and I was still wondering about a
doesn't matter
doesn't matter equal energy?

Does it matter how many times the speed of light
comes up in conversation?
Squared if they dared, but
wouldn't our eye lashes get in the way?
would you like to try it?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

I and you are we as one

I will play at being this human being
as you play at being this universe
and I and you are we as one

Friday, January 31, 2014


Are we not more collage than being?
a constant flux writ by the illusion of continuity

Surrender is liberation
but we are teased back into the dream

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not supernatural

In the end,
it is not spiritual,
how can it be?

If spiritual signifies supernatural,
then we should put it down
because the truth is natural

Friday, December 20, 2013

The potential of flowers

People talk about reaching their true potential
the true potential of a human being is not assisted by the ego
the ego is like a blight on a flower
discolouring it and leaving it dead

In an awakened human being
true potential is discovered naturally
because there is no longer a doer
the mind body is filled wih the sun of Self
and the flower grows unhindered
into its most beautiful and fragrant form

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Because the mind is time-bound

Because the mind is time-bound,
from the minds perspective it is correct to say
- the Absolute is evolving,
as experience happens

But the Abolute is not-bound,
it exists in the timeless now
so the ultimate truth is that the Absolute does not evolve

The mind cannot fully grasp this,
it understands experience as a succesion of events
it even thinks about this in a succession of thoughts

There is no escaping this for the mind
as it is the phenomena of a biological entity
which is time-bound

As the mind dissolves;
the illusion of time dissolves also
the Self is boundless, infinite!

We do not escape the mind
we realise we are not the mind
never were the mind

The mind appears as an exterior object to the Self
and then, naturally is revealed as interior and inseparable
as does the entire universe

Dancing in the bosom of God

When I am the self 
I dance in the bosom of God

When I am the Self
the universe dances within me

What is knowledge?

What is knowledge,
when everything is known
without division, or category?

What is knowledge
when no eye soars above its surface?

What is knowledge,
when it is the very Self?

What is knowledge
when the eyes
and ears
and tongue
and nose and skin
seem more like limitations
than conduits of information?

Where is the raindrop
when it plunges into the ocean?

The encounter

The encounter is the sweetness of nectar
it is the song of a bird
the flow of a river
the touch of a lover
the gurgle of an infant

The encounter is the longing fulfilled
it is the majesty of sorrow
and the grace of love

Words are swallowed
thoughts dissolved

In the encounter
you-ness and me-ness evaporate

Sunday, December 15, 2013

A summary

The most important thing is this; the human brain, lit by the light of the one Conciousness (capital C) creates a human mind.

The mind presents itself to Consciousness. This Consciousness is singular. It is one. It is awareness itself.
The most central, intimate part of a human being is this sense of "I", and this "I" is identical in all human beings.

Consciousness in one person is simply witnessing a different mind than what the same Consciousness is simultaneously witnessing in another person.

The central I, being infinite and timeless, was not born when "your" body was born. Since it is what you are, then you were not born. A mind/body was born and you witnessed/experienced it. Are witnessing/experiencing it. As you have done with every being that ever lived and every being that will ever live.

You are not locked within the body/mind. The mind you consider to be you is locked in the body/mind, it's consciousness (small c) will not happen in another room other than the body, for instance.

Who you really are is experiencing all things everywhere right now. Sages and mystics have experienced this, encountered it.

Just as you were not born, you will not die. The mind dissolves upon death, but the witness remains untouched.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

You are not your mind

You can condition the mind to be more receptive,
to be more ready,
to be less of an obstacle

This will make you "a better person"
and perhaps happier
but ultimately it us like
painting your garbage with gold foil
it will have to be thrown out in the end, anyway

Better is to realise you are not your mind
even just tell yourself that.

This will transform the mind also,
it will take away it's supports
and the ego will wither

The "I am this body" thought

The "I am this body" thought

is the basis of all problems

if we identify with the body

we see other bodies get sick and die

and we think "I am going die"

But you cannot be the body

if you lose a finger you are still you

even of you lose an arm or a leg

you are still you

So you say "I am my mind"

ah - that phenomenon of the brain

how can you be your mind if you call it "my" mind

if something belongs to you how can it be you?

In truth you are like a lamp of awareness

the lamp illuminates the mind and witnesses it

there exists only one lamp

the lamp is you and it is eternal

Where to find a well of happiness

Wherever peace of mind is
a well of happiness springs

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The analogy of a rainforest

The personal aspects of "your" life
are like a tree in a rainforest
it grows
vines attach
maybe ferns grow in its branches
it is a unique part of an ecosystem
eventually it dies and decays
but the rainforest is continuous
there is birth, growth and death everywhere
the details change
things come and go

The rainforest itself is the I
it witnesses things come and go
it is this I which you are

That is why the sages preach non-attachment
because things come and go
but the Self is unaffected

It is so close

It is so close
it is that which illuminates your thoughts
it is the you that is aware of your thoughts
It is the spotless "I" that is left
when every personal feature of "your" life is removed

It is that which you are
it is the I in every person alive
and it was the I in every person who ever lived
It is the I in every being in the universe

Without it nothing could be seen or known
within it everything is seen and known

Monday, December 9, 2013

In the end...

In the end
all religions
all concepts
melt away

Ants on a mountain

At the stage of ignorance
we are like ants on a mountain
uncomprehending of the mountain
unaware, even
that there is a mountain