Saturday, February 1, 2014

The rule of rules

Rules? Which rules,
that the fearful impose on us
should we adhere to?

Has the human project
reached such a pinnacle
that it must be frozen?

Did not fascists come to rule Europe
because too many people adhered to rules?

Rules? By what divine power
would you impose on me a limitation
on this my flight through human life?

The only navigation through rules is consequence
for too many rules carry no moral weight

Let my conscience guide me
for rules were made as levers of power

Listening to Xenakis

Listening to Xenakis
the piece Jonchaies
a vicereal experience
like hitting the human reset button

Friday, January 31, 2014

Coming together

Naked in the house, we move
illuminated and informed by doubt

Love is the pool of forgetting
into which we plunge

There were two
there was one
there is none
there is two

as they separate
and disperse
back into the dream


Are we not more collage than being?
a constant flux writ by the illusion of continuity

Surrender is liberation
but we are teased back into the dream

Without explanation

Where has the pocket of human territory
been expanded by our experience?

In the safe harbours
we remain untouched

I offer offer no argument
or explanation

Sunday, January 5, 2014


If you go spinning off
into infinity
there really is no distance
I've touched you
and I
have been touched by you
and there really is no difference
between here and there

You wondered aloud
if the trajectory of souls
might spin out of gravity's pull
into the vast expanse of stars

Of course, but it never really leaves, too
and the heavens hover overhead
like jewels of the Big Bang
scattered by time
and it's all an illusion
in loves perfect play
and we dance on the stage
spinning on our way

Goodbye imagined personage (when I thought I was a person)

Some are struggling to remember
some are struggling to forget
it was all so heavy
when I thought I was a person

depended on the future
was built of the past
and how I worried
about what people might think
when I thought I was a person

God and meaning, I wondered
what was it all about?
Couldn't hear the laughter
echoing back

the body your're in
 as just one among billions

your mind
as just a spontaneous flowering in the universe

No need to take it so personally

It's not real but it's not irrelevant (Tiruvannamalai 2014)

The silk tree
over the courtyard
looks very old to me

The caw of crows
the lowing of cows
the horns of rickshaws in the street
are happening now

Under this mountain
my mind is very clear and still
a lake on which the universe reflects
and my mind is empty of special effects

This isn't real
but it isn't irrelevant
the greatness of the absolute
expressing this moment
because it's deeply loved
worth expressing
and very, very now

The Ramana cafe
rooftop sign
is in the line of sight
of this human being
curious thing this...
he thinks he's a human being
imagine that

maybe universe central
out of time but
not out of place
none of this is real, but
it's not irrelevant

You criticise Maya
look down on Samsara
but they're not mistakes
so dance
and fill your heart with love
and dance
it's not real
but it's not irrelevant

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Spiritual materialism

Is there a certificate of enlightenment on your wall?
Verified by this guru or that guru?
Oh the ego is puffed up by "spiritual progress"!
As you travel further and further from the source

The intellectual discussions
and the clothes you wear now
the beautific smile on your face
as you look right through those you consider less enlightened
all are ego egrandisments

Better to fill your heart with love and forget the rest

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Not superna

In the end,
it is not spiritual,
how can it be?

If spiritual signifies supernatural,
then we should put it down
because the truth is natural

Learning and know

Learning and knowledge are good
but they can as equally lead away from liberation as toward
therefore knowledge is no measure of progress
wisdom and understanding are the key

One thing we can say about the world

If there is one thing we can say about the world -
it is that God thinks it worthwhile.

Friday, December 20, 2013

The potential of flowers

People talk about reaching their true potential
the true potential of a human being is not assisted by the ego
the ego is like a blight on a flower
discolouring it and leaving it dead

In an awakened human being
true potential is discovered naturally
because there is no longer a doer
the mind body is filled wih the sun of Self
and the flower grows unhindered
into its most beautiful and fragrant form

A simple truth

The truth is
there are billions of "me's"
but only one "I"

This is a simple truth,
easily passed over

Just as one might pass over an oak seed
but not the mighty oak which grows from it

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rainbow knots in the fabric of the universe

In an airport
people flowing
rainbow knots in the fabric of the universe

Om, shanti shanti shanti

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The boatman

A boatman floats in azure sky
an oar dips into sparkling light
bowed wood
with flaked paint
pulses through faint clouds

Because the mind is time-bound

Because the mind is time-bound,
from the minds perspective it is correct to say
- the Absolute is evolving,
as experience happens

But the Abolute is not-bound,
it exists in the timeless now
so the ultimate truth is that the Absolute does not evolve

The mind cannot fully grasp this,
it understands experience as a succesion of events
it even thinks about this in a succession of thoughts

There is no escaping this for the mind
as it is the phenomena of a biological entity
which is time-bound

As the mind dissolves;
the illusion of time dissolves also
the Self is boundless, infinite!

We do not escape the mind
we realise we are not the mind
never were the mind

The mind appears as an exterior object to the Self
and then, naturally is revealed as interior and inseparable
as does the entire universe

Dancing in the bosom of God

When I am the self 
I dance in the bosom of God

When I am the Self
the universe dances within me

What is knowledge?

What is knowledge,
when everything is known
without division, or category?

What is knowledge
when no eye soars above its surface?

What is knowledge,
when it is the very Self?

What is knowledge
when the eyes
and ears
and tongue
and nose and skin
seem more like limitations
than conduits of information?

Where is the raindrop
when it plunges into the ocean?


Every tradition
every culture
must eventually be left behind

Gender, rank, wealth and history
lose all significance

Preferences become empty and unreal
aversions, likewise

Humanity looks lowly for a moment,
flat and infantile
then all colour comes rushing back
and all struggles assume an air of beauty

This world, an illusion ultimately, yes
but an illusion with cause and reason

Om, shanti, shanti, shanti

The encounter

The encounter is the sweetness of nectar
it is the song of a bird
the flow of a river
the touch of a lover
the gurgle of an infant

The encounter is the longing fulfilled
it is the majesty of sorrow
and the grace of love

Words are swallowed
thoughts dissolved

In the encounter
you-ness and me-ness evaporate

So, you think you are God?

So, you think you are God?
Am I God?
How can we both be God?
There is no both of us.

I don't get it!

Beneath your personality is a witness,
this witness is what we truly are,
it is the entity we call I,
it has no personal history,
or thoughts,
it witnesses these things,
it is the same in all people,
and all people, all things are in it.